About Us

Bringing your old furniture to life

At Ruby Twine, we keep furniture out of landfills and give pieces the second life they deserve. As a second-generation upholsterer with more than 15 years of experience, we provide completely custom reupholstery for your vintage, heirloom, or otherwise worn-out furniture.

Meet The Team

Amanda BlumanFounder & Owner, Upholsterer

Amanda is a second generation upholsterer. She learned from her mother who upholstered for 45 years. As well as growing up in an upholstery shop she spent two years working as a seamstress at Fortner Upholstery in Columbus, OH and earned her fine arts degree from Allegheny College. Her business is driven by a love for fabrics, keeping furniture out of landfills, and keeping the stories of each piece going for generations to come!

Paige WigginsUpholsterer

Paige has been working with furniture for years and has mastered many of the age old techniques involved with upholstery. She has a communications degree and a passion for design. Her deep creativity and stellar sense of style can transform any piece into a statement for your home!

Nothing is off limits

At Ruby Twine, we won’t tell you “no.” In fact, the crazier the project, the better! We love taking on challenges and giving our clients the custom furniture and upholstery of their dreams. Whatever your aesthetic and unique needs, we have the experience to make it happen. Plus, as a woman-owned business, we know your furniture needs to not only be beautiful, it needs to stand up to your kids, grandkids, and pets! Whatever you have in mind, we’re here to make your vision a reality. Let’s make it happen.

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